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Top of the line awning with extendable arms

Bliss Mobil has added a high-end batwing awning to its accessory line. The extendable arms make the awning easy to store and gives more cover at the same time.


One piece

Freedom is easy to use equipment. The Bliss Mobil batwing awning parts all stay attached and are stored in one place. So no inconvenience of separate poles, lines etc. The canvas never touches the ground during set up or storing. Handy when on a muddy or wet terrain! Opening or storing of the awning is done easily by hand within a minute. 

Awning Awning Awning 18ft unit Awning 18ft unit Batwing awning Bliss Mobil Batwing awning Bliss Mobil Back view batwing awning Back view batwing awning Top view Top view Bigger coverage Bigger coverage Stored safely Stored safely Dimensions Dimensions Extendable arm – in (below) and out Extendable arm – in (below) and out

Complete solution

The Bliss Mobil awning is the only one of its kind that comes with extendable arms. Varying the length of the swing arms gives you the advantage of covering a larger area, while you can store it easily on the back of a Bliss Mobil unit. Without having parts sticking out. The extendable arms also make sure that when extracted your canvas is tightened.


Heavy duty material

The arms and storage box are made of aluminum to ensure a strong and secure setup. The canvas is made out of an outdoor grade, weather proof, flame retardant, rip stop material. It is available in several colors. Optionally you can order an additional shade-screen made out of mesh. Which blocks the sun, but not your view!  The shade screen is stored separately.



The batwing awning will be attached on a simple adaptor frame - preferably on the back of the unit. This way nothing will stick out on the side of the unit, preventing possible damage. For members of the Bliss Mobil family who have a unit without a motor carrier the awning can easily be added to their setup. Clients that already have a motor carrier and are interested in the new awning can best send an email to info@blissmobil.com to discuss possibilities.


Dimensions:   Arm length when slided in 2100mm
  Arm length when slided out 2850 mm
Price:  Upon request