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Rainwater collector

Combined with the water maker, the rainwater collector is an unique feature for your sustainable Bliss Mobil unit. Rainwater will be collected and purified through the high pressure membrane water filtration system of the water maker giving you fresh, clean and safe water.


Directed to drink water tank

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to your water supply! Thanks to the lowered roof construction it is possible to direct rainwater to a buffer tank placed in the technical area of your Bliss Mobil unit. The rainwater collector has a capacity of 50 - 150 liters depending on its size. Via the water maker the rainwater gets purified with a tempo of 70-100 l/h. Directed to the drink water tank you have fresh, clean drink water at your disposal.


You can also use the rainwater instantly via a separate exit to, for instance, wash your truck. The rainwater collector is a valuable asset for the traveler who wants to be able to re-use water and with that be truly independent and sustainable. The total system runs on less than 400 Watt.



This accessory is available for the following models: 13’ Standard, 15’ Standard and 15’ High Bed, and all 18’ and 20’ foot units.


In combination with water maker

The rainwater collector can only be purchased in combination with the water maker.