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New lightweight storage box custom fit

Bliss Mobil has enriched its accessories with a light weight storage box. The box is specifically designed to store and protect larger, lightweight items of max. 250 kg. Giving clients the possibility to store their gear safely and protected from the elements.

Storage box on 13' HB Storage box on 13' HB Doors can open independently Doors can open independently Layout Layout Storage  box 11' LT Storage box 11' LT Gear safely stored Gear safely stored Example Example

Lightweight construction

The frame of the storage box consists of aluminum profiles combined with 6 mm thick panels. The light weight construction of the storage box gives the client the big advantage of getting substantially more storage space without adding unnecessary weight at the back of the vehicle.   


Custom made fit

The new storage box can be mounted on the motor rack or on the twist locks itself. Height and layout can be adjusted upon the customer’s wishes. Making the storage box a custom made fit for big and lightweight items like bikes, sport gear and surfboards. The electric locks are operated through smart home functionality, providing additional security. The layout of the storage box can be adjusted to the customer’s wishes with shelves or rails.


Customer specific

Bliss Mobil equipped an Unimog 4000 with 13’ HB unit with a light weight storage box mounted on the motor rack. The box was custom made to protect a client’s surfboards. The size of the box is 1997 x 558 x 2395 mm (WxDxH) on the outside and 1980 x 510 x 2372 mm (WxDxH) on the inside, weighing approximately 130 kg. Rails in the storage box support, securing the stored items through straps.