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11 foot standard

The 11 foot standard body is equipped with a bunk bed at the back, a couch for two up to four people (convertible into a bed), and a fully equipped kitchen with Corian countertop and integrated induction cooker. The lavatory and bathroom are separated, plus when set at 90 degrees, the door of the shower doubles as a divider between the living and sleeping area.


Specifications of 11 ft standard

11 foot standard floorplan 11 foot standard floorplan

The 11 foot standard model features a technical area underneath the bed. Reachable via lockable hatches on both side of the vehicle it offers easy access in case of maintenance or repairs. To store bigger items or to simply take more with you we engineered several accessoiries that make it possible to significantly increase the amount of storage space. For example the 'Alcove' which can be mounted to the front twistlocks or the 'Storage box' that can be mounted at the back.